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Manali by goodgirl94
This is the mermaid from this:…

Her name is Manali... She is so fucking cute. Here she is tryin' to be all sneaky. She is not sneaky. 

I don't know what the centaur's name would be yet. 
"So today in [blocked] we will be learning about [blocked], " the teacher began. I looked at the screen. Innocuous words were still visible, but a good portion of the screen had been rendered blurry by the machine attached to my temples. Pictures displayed on the screen were completely blacked out... or at least I assumed they were pictures.

"Everyone please open your textbooks to page 152. Start at the heading [blocked]"

I looked at the book. Would opening it even be worth it? Most of it would be hidden from my vision anyway... I sighed and opened to the page the teacher said.

I looked at the blurry page and sighed again. The teacher picked a student to read aloud... she never picked me.

The boy behind me stood up. He read in a smooth voice... Or I pretended he did as the machine made him sound stuttery and sputtery by blocking almost every other word.

I began to daydream when a faint beeping sound caught my attention. I looked around. Everyone was paying attention to their books or to the person behind me. Suddenly a sharp pain attacked my temples. I almost cried out it hurt so badly.

When I could finally look up and open my eyes, I noticed something very different. The classroom wasn't blurry anymore. I looked down at the page the machine had restricted from my view.

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree:

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Down to a sunless sea."

I had no idea what it meant... But I did know this... I had to find a way to get this machine off me.
Longing, n

I can never remember all of you as a person at once. I just remember small snippets. Like how warm and soft your chest feels against my face. Or how your eyes burn into mine and make me burn too. The way your hands on my hips or pressed against the small of my back makes my heart race. Whenever these snippets fill my head I miss you. I want to experience those snippets again. Perhaps its better that I don't remember you all at once because if I did I would miss you more than my heart could handle.
Lover's dictionary - Longing
Not actually from the lover's dictionary... I just wanted to write down how my SO makes me feel. 
Tell me again what running feels like... by goodgirl94
Tell me again what running feels like...
Only if you tell me how it feels to swim

Originally had text on it... I disliked the text

I made them. I ship them. I can't handle how cute they are. Like damn. 
The idea came when I was thinking about how centaurs were supposed to represent masculinity and mermaids were femininity... I wondered what they would want to know about each other. And then yeah... God damn I ship them so hard. 


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Paranoia Rock&Roller
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: watercolours
Wallpaper of choice: Its a picture of the Delorean (from Back to the Future) running into the TARDIS (From Doctor Who) HEY! ITS COOL! SHUSH.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching” -- Gerard Way
I have never seen the Lord of the rings in its entirety...

I don't listen to the Beatles. I don't like their music. I don't dislike it. I am indifferent to it.

I don't like the show NCIS.

I cry during sad movies. Always.

I lose my socks ALL THE TIME

When I was seven I stole a candy bar, and then I felt so bad I gave it back.

I am awkward. I am bad at reading social situations and facial expressions because of this I am sometimes a little too blunt.

Last of all.... *whispers* I see dead people
  • Listening to: MCR and Anarbor
  • Reading: The Princess Bride
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Slender
  • Eating: Cheerios
  • Drinking: Apple fanta mmmmmmmmmmm

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